For Better Or For Worse….


From a man’s perspective

“For better or for worse”… means being there when you feel like it and when you don’t…it means being patient as your spouse matures and develops…it means loving when you may not feel loved in return…it means saying, “I’m sorry” even when you are right for the sake of peace…it means enduring life together not separately…it means no matter what, I’m there for you in anyway you need me to be…it means when other people say I can do you better than your spouse or the person looks better than your spouse YOU are mature enough to know that my spouse is worth fighting for and sometimes fighting with in order for the marriage to succeed and blossom.  In conclusion, for better or worse is determination and integrity. This is vitally important in a world where determination and integrity are in scarce supply. Marriage is a commitment and those who have a successful marriage relationship understand that it is hard work to keep the marriage healthy. A person who understands “for better or worse” and can live it out in a marriage despite living in a society that makes temptation so blatant and almost encourages adultery and cheating, this person is someone who is ready to enjoy the beautiful peaks and the not so pretty valleys of a thriving, healthy, and successful marriage relationship.


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