I Can Do This

Have you ever sat and thought about all the things you’ve gone through to get you to where you are today? And you finally realize, wow my life will never be the same because I’ve made some drastic changes, well that’s where I’m at. I was pinning away on Pinterest one Sunday morning, imaging what my new life would look like, what would I wear to a gala, what would my husband wear and all these pictures of the beautiful Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds kept appearing.


I was captivated with her style, charm and presence. “She was born for this,” I thought to myself. I became interested in her story and that’s when I was led to an article by Esquire, Blake Lively’s Last Interview (Jan. 2010). The interviewer painted a picture of this actress, which made you want to meet her, hang out with her, hire her to act in one of my films (one day) and eat a slice of her apple pie. Sure she had a fan base because of the hit T.V. show Gossip Girl, but stardom came the moment she was taken out of your element. She made people believe she was meant to be a star, but once it came she had doubts.

“As you’re fighting for the job, you have to tell yourself, I’m the only one that can do this. And then I get it, I’m like, Oh, shoooot, I have no idea what I’m doing. Who was I kidding?” she says. “I just watched Dog Day Afternoon and I thought, I want to quit acting. But it’s also something that I love. I don’t know. I think that you’re just gonna do it your own way. Acting — you’re just portraying a human, and there’s billions of humans in the world. Who’s to say that it’s wrong or inaccurate?”

Her honesty, and bravery is something I admire more than her gorgeous gown, or the fact that she and her husband are a power couple and look good in every photo. Today and everyday I will remind myself that I have something that this world is longing for and I’m the only one that can do this! Thanks Blake! Follow me on Twitter @soul_match #thesoulmatch for dialogue!


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