Jokes Over… I’m A Millionaire


So April Fools 2014, I said… I was “Pregnant and Happy,” and sure enough it came to pass. So this year I’m making it official; I’m a millionaire!!!! There I said it and guess what, I have work to do.

With anything you want in life you have to do the work. Do you want to have a great marriage, start saying things like, my marriage is beautiful, we’re compatible, I enjoy what we have, we’re going to have a wonderful life together, I love you and I love us! Speak positive affirmations instead of negative crap! Your words are powerful people.

Same goes with dating, don’t doubt, don’t complain, don’t argue or compromise. You know what you want better than anyone, so say it! Remind yourself of what you said everyday and go after it. Keep a journal, a blog, a alarm reminder… (my favorite, it tells me, “You’re a Millionaire,” everyday at a certain time).

Don’t defeat yourself or hinder what’s meant for you. I would love to hear what you affirmed today! Forgot April Fool’s Day, we have Goals and Ambitions. And you will reach them. 😘


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