Relationship Goals

I hear that term a lot or see it hash taged on countless pictures, #relationshipgoals, but I never looked at someone’s relationship as a goal I wanted to achieve. Let’s be honest how many of you will follow a guy or a woman who’s been divorced? I To be honest you can learn a lot from these kind of people, admire them for what they do right and pray for them when they fall short.

Prime example, Steve and Marjorie Harvey, they’ve been through a lot married, divorced, remarried. By now, he’s not afraid to kiss his wife in public. I hate seeing couples who are afraid to show PDA. Hold hands, touch her butt, ok too much, then hold her, kiss her, kiss her, and kiss her again, that stuff drives me wild. I’m just saying. I see the middle school kids getting more action then newlyweds. My man, Steve Harvey is all over Marjorie and she’s loving every bit of it and so are we. His life is an open book, he’s not afraid to talk about the failure and the success. He gives God honor for his marriage being the way that it is and that’s who deserves the credit.

I admire him for treating his wife like a Queen and not throwing her to the side, they make each other look good on and off the screen. Most women want to be bosses, but let me tell you something it’s noting like allowing a man to drape you, jewel you, pamper you, caress you with his strong hands, sorry I was having a moment, lol. That’s what he’s called to do, provide, protect and pamper. Ladies prepare yourself for a man that will compliment you, not take all the shine, that’s so ugly. Fellas we don’t want to see you all greased up 24/7, when you have a woman to compliment you, it says, “she believes in me, so what’s your problem?” For a woman it says, “he gives me the world.”


You can admire a couple, but your relationship goals will never be like the next man or woman. We are all going in different directions. What works for the neighbors may not work for you. I hate stainless steel appliances, just saying. Hahaha!

Thanks Black Celebrity Men for this fabulous image


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