Make Out In Bed


Ever wrote a to-do-list and had to put your spouse on there?  It went something like this 5. Mop the kitchen, 7. Change the linens. 9. Make out in bed…

I was laughing because these are some things we forget to do especially if you have children, a business, a book on a deadline. I feel that something as simple as that can make a difference. It may not stop global warming, but it can definitely heat up the bedroom.

Intimacy seems to be missing in most marriages. Sex is normally top priority or last priority, but what about true intimacy, when you kiss with your hands. You know the kind of kissing you see in a movie before clothes come off. I would rather lie in bed and kiss than go shopping, and that’s major. You can learn a lot about someone by being intimate.

I tell you what, instead of grabbing the remote and flopping down on the bed, sit besides your spouse and stoke their hair, rub their feet. Skip the news, sports, those reality shows and focus on your own reality. You’ll be surprised at how much affection you came give and accept and it didn’t cost you a dime and you don’t feel guilty about the time you spent. You can make intimacy a part of your everyday life, and you can include it wherever you go. Make it a top priority!

Image Source Pixabay
Edited by The Soul Match


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