Happy Hump Day People


I’ve heard this term countless times and thought… “folks still hump?!” LOL, my mind isn’t dirty, it’s just curious! So for those of you who don’t have a clue what hump day is listen up…

Hump Day is the middle point of the week. It means you made it 50% of the way and it’s supposed to give you the illusion that the rest of the 50% is going to be a breeze. Whatever. It’s just another day man. Tomorrow is one more, and so on. There’s never a middle of time until the day you die. Then you can find the middle of where your life was. When you do, trust me, it will have no similarity to “A Wednesday”. Probably more like “A Monday”. Yahoo Answer

This commical answer was given by furnace4bro, um thanks bro! Hahaha.

After laughing at his answer, I thought about it, what we do here on earth is really like a Monday and some people hate Monday and some love it, depending on your purpose. I’ve never worked for a corporation where I needed help getting through the rest of the week.

Wednesday was always my a cool down day, because I would try to get everything  accomplished before then, so my Thursday, Friday, Saturday was open for fun!

I like the sense of accomplishing my work before the week is up. A little advice to the work-a-holic, get it done before Thursday. I bet more people would be happy and would have time to date, and make out with their spouses if they took their week serious at the beginning and didn’t wait so late to draft the memo, send the email, paint the room, build the deck, lay the foundation, or take our free survey, to find a soul match. What are you WAITING on! You can be on your merry little way with the person of your dreams. It’s Hump Day People, what are you waiting on!


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