Hello, I’m Vivacious!


I was once caught up in the hype: trying to look good, feel good and sound good, all the while, I was losing my spunk!

Here are 3 signs you may not be all that vivacious:

1. If you’re up all night stressing about how to make a dollar out of 15 cents, instead of enjoying the peace, or the beautiful human laying beside you.

V. Advice:  Stop wasting precious moments. Even a “boss bish” want a King to spoon with. So spoon or go to bed.

2. You motivate people, but you’re all tapped out and often times you need a pep talk yourself.

V. Advice: A laugh, a kiss, a hug from a vivacious person is all it takes to awaken your senses. Spend some time remembering why you signed up for this life. Visit a place or a person that will help you see the rainbow not the pot of gold.

3. You’re not happy? Sure you post pic with fake smiles and pals you can’t stand on Instagram, lol!

V. Advice: You should want to see yourself happy, and living an attractive life! You can have all the beauty, body and money and still be miserable! You could have all the answers, but never apply any of them? Even a doctor has to take medicine from time to time. If your method works, then follow it, or should I say swallow it!

I’m sure this post will cause you to see your life for what it is.  Live my friends, love, and laugh. There are many who have less than you, but they’re vivacious!  What’s your excuse!

Last V. Advice: Skip the routine and watch a funny film, or something romantic, (not horrific or erotic), you need a vivacious boost.


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